To measure ingredients for the recipes, we primarily rely on volumetric measurements as is conventional for recipes in the U.S. For recipes where precision counts (mostly baking) we also specify metric measurements. Every effort is made to make accurate measurements and conversions.

N.B.: It is impossible to accurately convert a volumetric measure (e.g. 1/2 cup) of a dry ingredient into its metric weight because the weight of an ingredient will vary depending on its density. One cup of sugar does not weigh the same as one cup of flour, and even then, how densely the flour is packed will vary its weight. As a result, the weight of 1 cup of an ingredient may vary from kitchen to kitchen (or even day to day in the same kitchen due to things like humidity). For each conversion that provides a U.S. volumetric measure and its equivalent in metric weight, please note that there may be slight variations in the weight.

For ingredients measured in teaspoons (tsp) and tablespoons (tbsp), these are their approximate equivalents:

1/8 tsp = 0,6 ml
1/4 tsp = 1,25 ml
1/2 tsp = 2,5 ml
1 tsp = 5 ml
1/2 tbsp = 1 1/2 tsp = 7,5 ml
1 tbsp = 3 tsp = 1/2 fl oz = 15 ml
2 tbsp = 1 fl oz = 1/8 cup = 30 ml
16 tbsp = 8 fl oz = 1 cup = 237 ml

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