Hi, and welcome. On this blog you can find recipes, cooking how-to's, and other food-related posts. Our focus is on creating tasty, healthful, and balanced dishes that we hope everyone can enjoy. Sometimes we also write up recipes for cocktails and other beverages. "We" refers to me, Kat, my husband, Tony, and our three cats.

I started this blog to organize the many recipes I've accumulated over the years. What I found instead was an inspiration and a creative outlet that I've been missing. Food is what inspires me. What awakens me. What soothes me. What helps me remember: whether it had been watching my grandmother make meals in her kitchen when I was little, cooking together with my mom, or sampling something new while traveling, the most vivid memory is always brought back by taste and smell of the food. And when I cook my most trusted guides are my senses: if it tastes, smells, and looks good I know it's going to be a good meal.

I've moved around a lot. I'm Ukrainian-born, so on occasion I write about Russian and Ukrainian dishes. But my influences don't stop there. I've lived a major portion of my life in NYC. Its food culture, restaurants and rich availability of ingredients ignited my passion for cooking and exploring different cuisines. I later moved to Oslo, Norway, one of the world's most expensive cities, where I got used to eating in and cooking homemade dishes every day. And upon returning to the U.S., I brought back not only this habit, but also an appreciation for Scandinavian cuisine. We now live in Northern New Jersey in close proximity to NYC where we continue our food explorations.

By day I work in NYC where I do important things. Not really. But maybe (I'm an attorney). By weekend I do silly things like go to the Shore for some steamer clams or drive down to Philly to eat my way through the Reading Terminal food market. And write this blog.

This blog has recipes that we ourselves enjoy. Many of them are regular items on our menu. And here, what you see is what you get: every recipe has been cooked, photographed, and tested by being eaten afterwards.

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