Herring-Stuffed Small Potatoes

Sunday, December 30, 2012

My favorite thing about New Year's Eve is the food.


In Eastern Europe, the New Year is particularly special, as it was a holiday that replaced Christmas during the Soviet era. As a result, people would enjoy a big feast on New Year's Eve. Meals would often begin with a choice of appetizers and salads (followed by the main course and then dessert, both of which often went neglected as you'd be quite full after the first course). And, of course, herring, which would be served on a separate plate sliced, with onions sprinkled on top.


This year I decided to make an appetizer using herring. That way, those unaccustomed to the fish can enjoy a noncommittal bite. I've talked about salted herring before here, however for this recipe I simply used a jar of pickled herring slices I found at Whole Foods. This type of herring is sweeter and slightly more pungent because of the vinegar, but it works well with the potatoes.


If I can get away with it, I'll eat nothing but appetizers on New Year's Eve or at any other holiday. And if on no other occasion, New Year's is definitely the one to stuff yourself full of them. Try this herring appetizer or any one of these: salmon tartare on cucumber slices, deviled eggs, bloody mary shrimp cocktail, and mozzarella-stuffed tomatoes.


Happy New Year!

Herring-Stuffed Small Potatoes
Makes 10

You will need:
10 baby red potatoes
1/3 cup pickled herring slices, chopped
2 tsp finely chopped scallion
1 tsp capers
sprigs of dill for garnish (optional)

1. Bring a medium pot of water to a boil. Add the potatoes, whole and skins on, and boil until soft, about 15 minutes. Drain and cool under cold running water until potatoes are cool enough to handle.
2. With a paring knife, carefully slice 1/8 of an inch off the bottom of each potato, so that it can sit flat on a plate. Slice the tops of each potato and carefully scoop out the middle to make potato "shells;" discard the rest.
3. In a small bowl combine herring, scallion and capers. Fill the potatoes with the herring, distributing evenly among them. Serve on a serving platter garnished with sprigs of dill or refrigerate until needed.


  1. So cute! I would enjoy pickled herring from time to time when I lived in Prague. I wish I was having some of these now...

  2. How unique and adorable these filled potatoes!
    I wish you a happy and blessed 2013, Kat!


  3. An all-appetizer dinner party sounds pretty fabulous to me! These tiny potato bites look so good. :)

  4. Oh my, these sound and look absolutely delicious! What great appetizers :)
    xo TJ

  5. OMG you're the best. THE BEST I tells ya! Your recipes are just brilliant. :-)

    (Happy New Year, lovely! Wishing you aaaaaall the very best!)

    We also used to have a big NYE celebration in Yugoslavia, NYE also replaced Christmas as a holiday given the whole socialist/communist thing. Heh heh.

  6. I love pickled herring and this is so different and fun.

  7. omg this is such a clever clever idea for appetisers! I know you stuffed it with herring and dill which sounds like a yummy classic combination to me, but now I'm thinkign about all these possibilities that you can stuff those potatoes with! thanks for the inspiration Kat (: and happy new year!



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