A Pumpkin Patch

Sunday, October 28, 2012

As we prepare for the storm that's about to wreak its havoc all over North East, I was glad that we chose last weekend to go pumpkin picking rather than putting it off until this one. When we went last Sunday, it was a beautiful sunny fall day. Today the sky is ominously gray.

I couldn't help but remember that last year's storm happened close to Halloween too. We were right about to carve pumpkins before the power went out. So we carved ours by the last remaining rays of sun, and then by candle light. Afterwards, to maximize the ghoulish effect, we red Poe aloud by holding up a candle next to the book. With another storm coming our way this year, this might be becoming a tradition. There are two perfect pumpkins sitting in our kitchen ready to be carved.

Last weekend we were on our way to a large farm, but put off by traffic and attracted by a small sign with a hand-painted pumpkin and an arrow on the side of the road, we found a tiny farm, hidden away from everything and accessible only by a dark dirt road through the woods. Spooky though the road seemed at first, when we finally got to the farm, it didn't disappoint.

The remaining photographs, including the cottage, are from the Wick House area at the Jockey Hollow national park.



  1. We are watching Sandy from the other side of the world - and worrying for you all. Good luck.

  2. As long as you guys are safe and healthy, that's all that matters. Give us a shout when you can, hugs and kisses!



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