Iced Tea Lemonade Punch

Monday, September 3, 2012


The end of summer is here. Even though its official departure is a few weeks ahead, just as Memorial Day starts its unofficial beginning, Labor Day marks its unofficial end.


As stores replace their summer decor with orange colors, maple leaves and pumpkins (I saw the first hint of orange in a store window display two weeks ago, and it somehow felt nauseating), nature, perhaps less abruptly, is beginning to show signs of changing seasons as well.


While I'm slightly surprised that even as I'm writing this, it is already September 3rd, whereas I was only getting used to the idea of summer, I am also somehow giddy about what's to come. Apple pies, pumpkin tarts, stews, roasts and mulled wine. Colder weather dishes for comfort on a rainy day.


Just as we marked the beginning of summer with a white sangria cocktail, we are marking the beginning of fall with a tea-based cocktail. I had been sitting on this recipe, just as I had been sitting on a box of sample Pure Leaf iced teas, sent courtesy of Lipton, for about a month. I finally decided to make a Labor Day inspired iced tea and lemonade drink to soak up the last bits of summer.


The ingredients in this punch go well together, forming a sort of harmony. I used unsweetened Pure Leaf iced tea, lemonade, honey and brandy. I added fruitiness to the drink by soaking up slices of fresh peaches, plums, kiwis and lemon wheels in honey-sweetened brandy before adding the iced tea and the lemonade. Honey, lemon and tea are old friends, brandy adds the requisite kick (but not so much, and it can also be omitted), and fruit adds wonderful freshness. Overall they make a refreshing beverage, perfect for a summer's end or an early fall party or a cookout.



Iced Tea Lemonade Punch
Serves 8

1 1/3 cup (315 ml) brandy
1/3 cup (80 ml) honey
1 to 1 1/2 cup (230 to 350 ml) sliced fruit (e.g. peaches, plums, kiwi, plus round lemon slices)
4 cups (9,5 dl) unsweetened iced tea
1 1/3 cups (315 ml) lemonade
Mint sprigs for garnish

In a measuring cup, stir brandy and honey until honey is fully dissolved. Place fruit on the bottom of a large glass punch bowl. Pour the brandy over the fruit, cover with plastic wrap and let stand at room temperature for 20-30 minutes. Add tea and lemonade, and stir well. Cover and refrigerate for half an hour to one hour before serving. Serve by ladling into a stemless glass with a sprig of mint. Enjoy.


  1. This punch sounds wonderful! Like an Arnold Palmer, but better. :)

  2. This Lemonade sounds refreshing and delightful! Great photos!!!

  3. Of course I like that it has brandy in it! This is a great twist on the traditional sugared version.

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  5. this sounds wonderful for a hot day! I've just been writing about drinks to deal with the heat myself haha, this is brilliant, I want to try this too! love that sneaky kick of brandy ;)

  6. Those pictures really put me a fall mood. The drink looks perfect. I'll be ready for one in about 45 minutes. TGIF!

  7. Summer was great, but I am sure fall will be great also! :)

  8. Note to self: make this, and make it pronto. I've never actually made punch before-- and, actually, while we're on that topic, when I was a kid I used to think punch was a thicker, creamier drink. Don't know why! :-)

  9. Pretzel Thief, we used to make a type of nonalcoholic fruit punch when I was little by simmering some fruit with a thickener, it came out kind of like drinkable jello. In Russian it's called kisell. Maybe it's similar to what you had?



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