At the Farm

Thursday, August 9, 2012

Last weekend we went picking at a farm for blackberries and peaches. The farm was huge, and there were many other things to pick (apples, other berries, and various vegetables), but after we were done with peaches and berries in 90ºF we were exhausted. I also ended up being distracted by the beautiful animals.


We ended up picking a pint of berries and several pounds of peaches, much more than we needed. We couldn't stop. They were just so beautiful and fragrant and juicy, some were so ripe they were falling right from the trees. When we came back I was thinking about canning them, but then I made a few pies and we finished the rest by themselves within a few days.


Pretzel Thief said...

Okay, the animals?


Death by cuteness! I have been killed by the utter cuteness of the beautiful animals!

The peach picking sounds wonderful (the heat, not so much) and I can imagine the peach pies you made from them were scrumptious.

Also, sorry I've been a bad bloggy friend this week (not commenting on your last delish burger post) -- have barely had any time to visit my dear people's blogs or update my own on account of pre-Europe planning and whatnot.

I'll endeavour to update my blog tonight...nay, I WILL! Heh heh.


Susannes Veggie Kitchen said...

Ahhh, the bunnies! So cute (I have 3 bunnies myself)! And the berries look so delicious!

Val said...

Beautiful images. Truly.

From Valeries Kitchen said...

What a perfect day. I love your gorgeous animal photos! Check out the eyelashes on that cow!

DEZMOND said...

delightful pictures, my dear. Love blackberries and all other kinds of berries, they usually inspire the most creative of recipes :)

Anonymous said...

aw, i love picking for fruits! the animals are adorable, especially the black little piggy! i can't believe you finished the peaches so quickly!

the Martha from Malta diary said...

Omg the donkey!! I am in love with a donkey!
These pictures are so beautiful, very natural and yet stunning x

psychelyn said...

Oh gawd, I love such activity. I love farm trips and berry picking activities :)))) Great day indeed!


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